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Are You Treating Your Fertility Wellness Like a Haunted House?

Those of us who tend to worry about our fertility treat our own wombs like a haunted house, a place we’ve heard horror stories about from other women and the media and so are fearful to look inside. Schedule a female fertility wellness screening.

But your fertility is a beautiful dream house. Inside is everything you can dare to wish for: your children, your family, the memories you will make together. But you have to look inside. Don’t be afraid. We are here to support you. Schedule a female fertility wellness screening.

Cost of Female Fertility Wellness Screening

When considering testing your fertility we know that cost and transparent pricing is an important factor. This is a special cash price paid at the time testing is performed. This is a cash price and insurance will not be billed for these services. Does not include the cost of an initial consultation. If you are ready to explore more comprehensive testing and discover your full fertility options, schedule your new patient consultation.

Fertility Wellness Guide


No risk, no pressure, just information

  • Understand female fertility testing and wellness
  • Get the information you need
  • Understand how we can support you in your fertility journey
  • Have the opportunity to express your concerns, fears, and hopes

Complete Female Fertility Wellness Screening

Couples Fertility Test


Perfect for couples who want to start the fertility journey together.

Because male factors account for approximately 50% of all infertility cases, it is important to examine both partners for possible infertility concerns.

  • ✅ Tranvaginal Ultrasound
  • ✅ AMH Blood Test
  • ✅ Comprehensive Sperm Screen

Fertility Wellness Differs from Fertility Testing

What our patience are saying

Does it really work? Will it work for me?


I was nervous going but as soon as I got there the staff was kind and friendly and the doctor was very informative it made me feel like things were possible for me.

Denise M.

Doctor Amos E. Madanes is great. He listened to me and answers all of my questions. They are truly an awesome team. They are dedicated to making your dream a reality.

Melissa Z.

When I meet Dr. Amos E. Madanes, he was very, very caring. He listened to why I was here. You can see that he wants people’s dreams to come true, its not just a paycheck to him. He told me he will get me pregnant and this year my dream will finally come true because of him.

Nervous about getting the results of your fertility wellness screening?

We know that one of the most common reasons for women to put off a fertility wellness screen is nerves and fear about the results.
It’s common for a woman to be anxious about getting her fertility tested. Our primary advice? Don’t put it off.

Why get a female fertility test?

A woman may choose to undergo female fertility testing for various reasons, depending on her individual circumstances and reproductive goals. Here are some common reasons why a woman might opt for fertility testing:

  1. Planning for Pregnancy: A woman may undergo fertility testing when she and her partner are actively trying to conceive. This can help identify any potential issues that may affect fertility and allow for timely intervention or guidance.
  2. Concerns About Infertility: If a woman has been trying to conceive for an extended period without success, she may choose to undergo fertility testing to investigate potential causes of infertility. This can help identify specific issues that may be hindering conception.
  3. Age-related Concerns: Fertility tends to decline with age, and some women may choose to assess their fertility status if they are planning to delay childbearing. Testing female fertility provides information about the ovarian reserve and help women make informed decisions about their reproductive timeline.
  4. Irregular Menstrual Cycles: Women with irregular menstrual cycles may undergo fertility testing to understand the underlying causes of irregularities. Hormonal imbalances or other issues may affect fertility, and testing can help diagnose and address these concerns.
  5. Recurrent Pregnancy Loss: Women who experience recurrent pregnancy loss may undergo fertility testing to identify potential causes. Understanding the underlying factors can help healthcare providers develop appropriate strategies to manage or mitigate the risk of future losses.
  6. Medical Conditions or Treatments: Certain medical conditions or medical treatments, such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or cancer treatments, can impact fertility. Women may choose to undergo fertility testing to assess the potential impact of these factors on their reproductive health.
  7. Preconception Health Assessment: Some women opt for fertility testing as part of a preconception health assessment to ensure that they are in optimal health for pregnancy. This may include assessing factors such as hormone levels, ovarian function, and overall reproductive health.