The Power of Choice: IVF with Cryopreservation

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IVF opens doors for family building, but timing isn't always on your side.


You might not be ready to start a family right now, or you may want to explore other options before committing to embryo transfer. Cryopreservation offers a valuable solution, allowing you to preserve your embryos for future use


To see if Cryopreservation is right for you, schedule a consultation.

Tubal Reconstruction Surgery

Store your embryos safely for years, giving you more control over your family-building timeline.


Don’t let time slip away. IVF offers a proactive solution, optimizing your chances for success, providing a precise and efficient path to conception, and preserving the possibilities for your growing family, schedule a consultation to learn about all your IVF and fertility options.

Are you dreams of parenthood unfilled?

Inspire Your Parenthood Aspirations With Cryopreservation

IVF with Dr. Amos E. Madanes is not just a treatment; it’s a promise of our support throughout your fertility journey. Our personalized care and cutting-edge techniques empower you to know we will work together to give you the best chances of turning your dreams into reality, offering renewed hope for a future filled with the laughter and love of your own family. Dr. Amos E. Madanes is here to help. Schedule a consultation.

Your Future Family Depends on Working With The Best

The first ever pregnancy in the United States to result from a non-surgical intra-tubal insemination procedure was achieved by Dr. Amos E. Madanes in December 1989. The incredible results of his technique has been brining new hope to couples for the last three and a half decades.

Dr. Amos E. Madanes has developed several revolutionary assisted-reproduction procedures and has come to be known as an innovator and leader.

How Cryopreservation Can Benefit Your IVF Journey

When considering IVF we know that cost and transparent pricing is an important factor. If you have insurance, our team will also work with you and your insurance provider to ensure all fertility benefits are received.



Flexibility and Peace of Mind With Cryopreservation

With cryopreservation, you have the freedom to delay embryo transfer until you feel completely prepared to start a family. This can provide peace of mind and allow you to focus on other priorities without compromising your future fertility options.


Multiple IVF Cycles

 Cryopreservation allows you to potentially use a single round of egg retrieval for multiple IVF cycles. This can be cost-effective and reduce the need for repeated ovarian stimulation.


Preserving Fertility Potential With Cryopreservation

Age can impact egg quality. Cryopreservation allows you to preserve your embryos at their peak, potentially increasing your chances of a successful pregnancy in the future. This is especially valuable for women who may choose to delay childbearing.

What our patients are saying

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Amy S.

I was nervous going but as soon as I got there the staff was kind and friendly and the doctor was very informative it made me feel like things were possible for me.

Denise M.

Doctor Amos E. Madanes is great. He listened to me and answers all of my questions. They are truly an awesome team. They are dedicated to making your dream a reality.

Melissa Z.

When I meet Dr. Amos E. Madanes, he was very, very caring. He listened to why I was here. You can see that he wants people’s dreams to come true, its not just a paycheck to him. He told me he will get me pregnant and this year my dream will finally come true because of him.

The first step for those considering Cryopreservation is a Consultation with Dr. Amos E. Madanes

Ask Anything. Learn What You Need to Know. Get Peace of Mind.

When considering Cryopreservation it is common to have lots of questions. The best way to get all your questions about Cryopreservation answered is to schedule a consultation which is available in person or via telemedicine.

What can I expect during an Cryopreservation consultation?

A consultation is the act of exchanging information and opinions about something in order to reach a better understanding of it or to make a decision. Does this sound right for you?

  1. Schedule a consultation.
  2. At the time you select you will receive a phone call from Dr. Amos E. Madanes or his team of medical professionals
  3. During this appointment you an ask us anything. The goal is to help you be informed about your opportunities and choices.
  4. It’s ok to just be curious. No pressure, just sound medical advise and information from established Cryopreservation experts.

The Cryopreservation Procedure

The cryopreservation procedure used for embryos during IVF involves several steps:

Embryo Selection: Following fertilization and development, healthy embryos are chosen for cryopreservation. This selection process often involves microscopic evaluation by embryologists.

Preparation: The chosen embryos are prepared for freezing using a cryoprotectant solution. This special solution helps protect the cells from damage during the freezing process.

Vitrification: A rapid freezing technique called vitrification is employed. This method involves quickly plunging the embryos into liquid nitrogen (-196°C) to solidify the cellular contents in a glass-like state, bypassing ice crystal formation that can damage cells.

Storage: The vitrified embryos are then stored in specially designed cryogenic tanks containing liquid nitrogen. These tanks maintain ultra-low temperatures for long-term embryo preservation.

Overall, cryopreservation offers a valuable tool for couples undergoing IVF. It allows for the preservation of embryos, providing more flexibility and control over the family-building timeline.

The Success of Cryopreservation

 The success of IVF depends upon a number of factors, such as the age of the patient, the quality of sperm and eggs, the health of the woman’s uterus, and the duration of infertility. Successful pregnancy following IVF can be determined through blood tests performed approximately 13 days following the procedure or by ultrasound after 30 to 40 days. Please contact our office for specific details on IVF success rates.

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