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Cost of Fertility Consultation

When considering starting on a fertility journey we know that cost and transparent pricing is an important factor. If you have insurance we work with your provider to get you the care you need.

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No risk, no pressure, just the information that will help you feel ready to take the next steps.

  • Understand fertility risks and opportunities
  • Get the information you need
  • Understand how we can support you in your fertility journey

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Fertility Consultation with Dr. Amos E. Madanes.

  • We know your ultimate goal is likely to get pregnant
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At Midwest Fertility Center we are here to help you discover and treat the root cause of infertility.

During your first visit to the Midwest Fertility Center, Dr. Amos E. Madanes will with you to learn about what might be causing fertility issues. This will include:

  • Your sexual and health history, including previous surgeries or chronic conditions
  • Any medications you are using, including vitamins and supplements
  • Your lifestyle, including smoking, drinking, diet, and exercise
  • The female partner’s menstrual cycle

For men, the Dr. Madanes may order a semen analysis, to measure sperm count, shape, and movement.

For women, a tubal evaluation may be needed, whereby an X-ray is used to view dye moving through the fallopian tubes. This test shows any blockages that may be preventing pregnancy. Dr. Madanes may also test your blood for the various reproductive hormones, including FSH or AMH, to assess your ovarian reserve and ovulatory functions. Book Now

What our patience are saying

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I was nervous going but as soon as I got there the staff was kind and friendly and the doctor was very informative it made me feel like things were possible for me.

Denise M.

Doctor Amos E. Madanes is great. He listened to me and answers all of my questions. They are truly an awesome team. They are dedicated to making your dream a reality.

Melissa Z.

When I meet Dr. Amos E. Madanes, he was very, very caring. He listened to why I was here. You can see that he wants people’s dreams to come true, its not just a paycheck to him. He told me he will get me pregnant and this year my dream will finally come true because of him.