Do I have endometriosis?

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Endometriosis could be the reason you cannot get pregnant. Do you have the following symptoms? general pelvic pain, even when not menstruating painful periods painful intercourse heavy periods or spotting between cycles irregular cycles painful urination and bowel movements, especially during your period One of the more distressing aspects of endometriosis is the increased risk of infertility. Even […]

Do I need to take medication to get pregnant?

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If you are trying to get pregnant for a while, your doctor may have prescribed various medications to help you realize your dreams. But you should know the side effects and precautions before undertaking a drug regiment. There are four categories of medications that are used for infertility. Fertility drugs that stimulate ovulation Birth control drugs […]

Should I get Laparoscopy?

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You have been trying to get pregnant for a while with no results. You might be wondering if you are infertile. At Midwest Fertility Center, you can get laparoscopy to determine whether you are infertile and what the cause of infertility could be. Diagnosing & Treating Infertility through Laparoscopy Laparoscopy is a simple way of looking […]

What you should ask at your first appointment

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You want to be pregnant and you heard some things about IVF. So you made an appointment at Midwest Fertility Center or another fertility center. But you are confused and apprehensive about your first visit. Relax and read the following advice about the questions you need answered by the fertility center. Dr Madanes and his […]