How a blog can help with the stress of infertility

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We understand. At Midwest Fertility Center, we have been helping people achieve the dream of having a family of their own since 1984. It can seem daunting and the emotions can be overwhelming when considering IVF. You can feel all alone in your struggle. But you are not alone and you don’t need to feel alone either. A blog is a great way to reach out to other families considering using IVF as a means to start or increase their family. Other people have traveled that path and you can get encouragement from reading other people’s stories.

Here are some blogs to read to inspire your own writing:

Stirrup Queen is the place to start on blogging about fertility issues.

She lists other blog posts and offers support to those suffering from infertility like she did once.

The Fertility Authority is just that. There are loads of information and support on this site. You can also get a lot of encouragement.

inConceivable is a personal journey through IVF. You might enjoy reading about how one couple coped.

Can you be a little pregnant? Find out at

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