Is that cup of coffee preventing me from getting pregnant?

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Well, one cup of coffee is not going to stop you from getting pregnant but the more coffee is consumed, the less the chance to conceive a child. I know, everybody drinks coffee to wake up in the morning. According to a recent survey, on average, women of childbearing age consume about 100 mg of caffeine a day, and top 10% of them get more than excess 229 mg a day.

That’s a lot of coffee. So how much is too much and what effect does coffee have anyway? It’s no secret that caffeine intake increases blood pressure and heart rate. Additionally, caffeine accelerates the formation of urine and metabolism. But worse to women who want to get pregnant, caffeine consumption significantly increases the risk of miscarriage. The more caffeine a woman consumes, the greater the likelihood of miscarriage. Women who consume more than 200 mg caffeine per day had twice as many miscarriages (25.5%) compared to those who did not drink coffee (12.5%).

If that is not enough, pregnant women are more sensitive to caffeine. During pregnancy, the body is slower in eliminating caffeine. Caffeine can also cross the placenta and affect the embryo development. Because of these reasons, it is best to limit your intake of caffeine to two cups of coffee a day. Even better would be to stop drinking coffee and other caffeinated beverages all together. There is caffeine in many sodas like cola and some amounts of caffeine in tea. Be sure to check the labels for the amount of caffeine. But don’t go cold turkey or you will suffer from withdrawal. Gradually limit your intake until you are no longer taking in caffeine.

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