It Takes a Village to Raise a Child: Talking to Your Partner & Family About Donating Eggs

Providing the gift of life through egg donation is a wonderful helping hand to those in need. Although the benefits of egg donation are clear, the decision to be an egg donor is difficult and should be given careful consideration, including discussing the decision with loved ones and friends who will support you through the process and understand your generosity and empathy for families struggling with infertility.

Common Question:

• How can I alleviate worries and concerns?
Be open with others and create a support system during the process.

• Why do you want to become an egg donor?
You want to help those grappling with infertility, but also consider the other benefits that drive you to help others.

• Is egg retrieval dangerous or painful?
A retrieval is a short outpatient procedure. The procedure is done with anesthesia and no discomfort is experienced. Risks include the risks of general anesthesia and other general risks which will be discussed prior to the procedure.

• Will it put your future fertility at risk?
No, egg donation does not deplete your eggs. The eggs retrieved would be lost in that cycle unless used.

• Do egg donors have responsibility to offspring?
No, legal documentation ensures the parents of the IVF children, not the egg donor, bear all responsibilities.

• Where can I learn more?
Resources are available on our website to answer common questions on the myths & misconceptions of egg donation and to explain the application, screening and medical process at International Egg Bank. Our medical staff is also available to answer your questions at 1-800-244-0212.

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