Should I get IVF to get pregnant?

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You’ve heard about In Vitro Fertilization and you know that IVF is among the most frequent assisted reproduction procedures that we offer at Midwest Fertility Center. But you might not know what IVF entails and just how successful the procedure can be for an infertile couple. Let us explain IVF to you so you can be comfortable with the procedure.

IVF is a treatment that helps couples or single parents achieve fertilization. During IVF, eggs are taken from the woman’s uterus and fertilized by a donor’s sperm in a controlled environment outside of the womb. After the fertilized eggs have developed sufficiently, they are placed in the woman’s uterus.

The IVF Procedure

After the controlled application of ovarian hyperstimulation, eggs are taken from a woman’s ovary with the aid of ultrasound while the patient is under IV sedation. Anywhere from one to more than 30 eggs may be retrieved depending on the responsiveness of the ovaries to the gonadotropins’ stimulation.

A semen sample of the sperm to be used in the procedure is also collected from the male donor. The semen then undergoes a series of cell separation treatments in order to generate a clean, healthy sperm sample. Once the sperm and eggs have been prepared, they are mixed and incubated for approximately three days to facilitate proper fertilization. When the resulting embryos have developed sufficiently, they are transferred to the patient’s uterus. The transfer process is very simple, and is similar to a pelvic exam. After the transfer procedure, the patient must carefully follow the instructions of the fertility specialist. The patient may be instructed to take several days of bed rest. Ten to 12 days after the transfer, a pregnancy test is performed to confirm whether or not the treatment was successful.

The Success of IVF

The success of IVF depends upon a number of factors, such as the age of the patient, the quality of sperm and eggs, the skill of the physician, the health of the woman’s uterus, and the duration of infertility. Successful pregnancy following IVF can be determined through blood tests performed approximately 13 days following the procedure or by ultrasound after 30 to 40 days. Midwest Fertility Center is the leading assisted reproduction and in vitro fertilization (IVF) provider in the Chicago and Northwest Indiana region and a proud source of hope for the many couples who have difficulty conceiving. Our practice wants to turn your dream of having a child into a reality. Learn more about IVF by contacting our office at 1-800-244-0212.

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